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Paul Cook

Sally! Sally! Sally! Sally!

This first book by Paul Cook [Actor (e.g., Somewhere in Time), Writer, Musician] contains the stories of four different women named Sally. T [...]

In the Middle of the Middle West

The 42 essays in this collection take their inspiration from the Midwest—not just from its physical terrain but from its emotional terrain [...]


Cloudette is a very small cloud who looks high and low for a way to do something very big. On her journey, she discovers new friends, new ad [...]

Reason Without Rhyme

Poems written about experiences and observation of life, through one’s own journey and that of others. Expression of positivity and co [...]

Parable Of The Tooth

If Ian is to be believed there’s beer and football in heaven-and God has become a stand-up comedian. The trouble is, he is not to be b [...]

Hybrid Seeds: Little Fiction

The micro-fictions and prose poems of Richard Holingers’s Hybrid Seeds: Little Fictions slip in and out of the voices of our time: a famou [...]

Devouring Wind

“They’re coming for us, from the sky and emptiness.” Ten months ago, technology guru Sharon Mack and her autistic and stra [...]

Not Everybody’s Nice

2012 Split Oak Press Flash Prose Contest Winner “Richard Holinger’s stories are like pieces of amber in which we observe a small, perfec [...]

Net Impact

Dick Thornby is not Hollywood’s idea of a spy. In his rough and tumble job there are no tailored Italian suits, no bimbos eager to ple [...]

Allen’s Rocket

A story by A.D. David… Bruce Steinberg normally writes adult fiction. One morning, while he was working on a novel that would become a [...]

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