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Mystery Novel: An Assassinated Man

WRITTEN AS B.R.ROBB: Inspired by a true story, An Assassinated Man draws from real events leading to one man being the intended target and t [...]

The Widow’s Son

Enjoy the music, politics, fashion, televison and movie fare of the 1960s. Did you know that 2 days before the blizzard of 1967 that brought [...]

Allen’s Rocket

A story by A.D. David… Bruce Steinberg normally writes adult fiction. One morning, while he was working on a novel that would become a [...]

My Occasional Torment

WRITTEN AS BEE ROBB: My Occasional Torment is for The Rest Of Us, who are typically absent from the beautiful people descriptions within the [...]

River Ghosts

WRITTEN AS B.R.ROBB:  Which is right: the eyewitness testimony of an eight-year-old boy or exculpatory DNA evidence? Sixteen years after Ri [...]

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