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What would you do if you found an alligator in your garage? Or if you spotted a mountain lion downtown? In cities and suburbs around the wor [...]


Kirkus Reviews 2015-06-06 The lack of a spine, or even a brain, doesn’t keep invertebrates from learning, remembering, and solving pro [...]

Sedona: The Lost Vortex

Gregor Buckingham, a young metaphysician scarred from a childhood fire, doesn’t have much going for him, but now Sedona is calling to [...]

The Love-Haight Case Files

Written by Jean Rabe and Donald J. Bingle. It’s the  launch of a wild new urban fantasy series! The trade paperback version is coming [...]


“It’s rare to read a book that creates a really original world that makes you want to explore it more when you are finished.R [...]

Frame Shop: Critiquing Another Writer Can Be Murder

Harold J. Ackerman thinks his latest cat mystery proves he is the best writer in the Pleasant Meadows Writers’ Guild and Critiquing Societ [...]

What Are You So Grumpy About?

Boring presents…weird food…too many chores!! There are LOTS of reasons to be grumpy, and this book is full of them. But, in this [...]

Spirits of Vengeance – The Stone of Spirits

In the distant land of Enara, the religious zealot Lord Malenek marches across the continent of Amaros, cleansing the world with his army of [...]

Where The Broken Lie

Who killed Katie Cooper? When Tucker returns to his hometown of Willow Grove to grieve the death of his infant son, memories of the murder o [...]

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